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Yellow Cab and Ridewyse

are excited to partner with HART to bring you on demand mobility.

Transportation designed to help you.

HART Plus is a transportation service provided by the Hillsborough Transit Authority (HART) for people with disabilities. Persons are eligible for this service if they have phyical, cognitive, emotional, visual or other disabilities that prevent them from using the HART fixed route bus system, either permanently or under certain conditions.

HART has partnered with West Coast Transportation Services to expand the reach of the program, bringing transportation to more people through Yellow Cab and Ridewyse.

What to Expect on Your Trip

Your trip may be scheduled with UBER during times of heavy volume.

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Getting Ready for Your Trip

Please be ready to travel at least thirty minutes before your scheduled pick-up time, and be prepared to wait up to 15 minutes after that time for the vehicle to arrive. Dress appropriately for the weather. Carry needed medications, oxygen, or other items required for health and comfort in case you travel longer than expected.

The driver will go to your door and wait for up to five minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. If you are not there after five minutes, the driver will contact their dispatcher to get clearance to leave.

Your trip is not considered late until 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. If the driver has not arrived within that time window, please contact our Call Center.

Do not leave your pick-up location to call before the end of the 15-minute waiting period.

Please be patient as schedules change for many reasons, including traffic, customer delays, and weather. Dispatchers coordinate with drivers, HART staff, and customers, to troubleshoot problems and keep schedules running on time.

When Your Driver Arrives

All drivers receive sensitivity and safety training. They will ask for your name and your HART ID to ensure they're picking up the correct person.

Even if you have a personal care attendant (PCA) traveling with you, your driver will assist you door-to-door and from the vehicle. However, your driver cannot accompany you inside your home, or past the main lobby of a building.

If you have personal items, your driver must be able to carry them in one trip while safely assisting you. Please limit heavy or large items. Transportation will not be provided to customers who do not follow this policy at the time of pick-up.

Children need to ride in a customer-provided car seat that is appropriate for their age and weight. Drivers will assist in carrying the seat to and from the vehicle, but the customer or their PCA must provide and install the car or booster seat in accordance with all federal and state laws. School transportation is not provided.

Welcome to HARTPlus.

Yellow Cab and Ridewyse provides door-to-door, shared-ride public transportation with similar operating hours to the HART fixed route bus system. Service is available year-round across Hillsborough County - generally from 5 am to 11 pm daily.

Customers schedule their trips directly by calling the reservations line or through our website. Like other public transit services, HARTPlus is a shared service, so you will travel with other customers going in the same general direction.

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With an extensive fleet comprising vans, sedans and wheelchair accessible vehicles, Yellow Cab plays an integral role in assisting people across Hillsborough County - providing practical solutions and improving the quality of life for thousands of people every single day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does your taxi company service?
Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties.
Can I book a taxi in advance?
Yes, you can book a taxi in advance by calling our reservation line 813-666-6666.
What are the accepted forms of payment for a taxi ride?
Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.
Are there and additional charges for baggage or extra passengers?
No there are no additional fees for baggage.
Is there a minimum fare for taxi rides leaving Tampa International Airport?
Yes, the minimum taxi fare rate leaving the airport is $20.
Is your taxi service accessible for persons with disabilities?
Yes, we offer accessible taxi services for persons with disabilities. Please let us know in advance if you require an accessible vehicle by calling 813-666-6666.

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